Announcing the launch of Rascals Flexi Care

Rascals Flexi CareA brand new service for parents who maybe don’t need childcare on a regular basis and would prefer a “pay as you go”  service.

Now with an easy to use online booking and payment system, it's never been easier to access this service.

You will need to pre-register and have a quick chat with nursery staff, but after that you can check availability, book and pay for your Rascals Flexicare session over the phone.

No matter the reason, appointments & family commitments, childminder holidays, grandparents support, or just a little “me time”, you will be assured of the best of care. We have been doing it since 1998!

Call today to get registered with our new no commitment childcare solution - contact your chosen branch of Rascals for further details.. You never know when you might need us!

Call 028 9062 8760  or  ulr@rascalsdaynurseries.com

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