Statement Thur 26th March

Firstly, an apology, we did say we would put regular updates up and this is the first opportunity we have had to get you the latest news from Rascals. So here goes.

Key worker care:-

  • Unfortunately, we believe all our staff that are available have been paired off with Rascals parents for Home care, however, we do have a WhatsApp group for all staff and if you are a current Rascals parent, a key worker and cannot find childcare, please email with your name, normal branch and room and a contact mobile number and we will pass this on. Childs age and the estimated days/hours required would also be helpful.
  • Rascals has no involvement, financial or otherwise with these arrangements other than to pass on details. We would, however, respectfully suggest that care can be offered for 1 child and possibly 1 sibling in their own home. For reasons of isolation, we would further suggest that looking after children from multiple households is not advised.]
  • Our local Trust Early Years teams hold a list of approved Homecare providers. Just search HSCT Early Years on Google for your area's trust offices.
  • Please ensure any childcare provider is appropriately vetted, qualified and insured.


  • Unlike some other nurseries, we are not going to produce invoices for April. No DD's will be applied for or taken, so please, please do not cancel your DD mandate, they are a real pain to set up again. To be clear, there are no ongoing charges or retainer fees until we set a date to re-open.

Balances, deposits, childcare vouchers and TFC payments:-

  • Balances for unused days not taken, due to us closing before the end of the month, will be honoured when we return.
  • Deposits remain as before, if you intend to return then your deposit holds your place and will continue as normal.
  • Vouchers and TFC payments. You can continue to send in these payments and they will be credited against future childcare provided.
  • School collection fees paid in advance will be refunded at the end of the academic year as promised.

If you do not plan to return, or had already handed in notice:-

  • We will process all refunds due once we have a better idea of the funds required to pay the March and April payroll. Please understand that the government furlough 80% pay system only allows us to claim back these funds once we have paid them out. At this time, we have no idea when this will be.
  • However, in the event that you are in financial difficulties, please email with your branch, name and the amount you feel you are due and we will endeavour to assist as best we can. Rascals parents who are having to pay for alternative childcare and are key workers will be prioritised. As we have limited funds, we would please ask that you do this only if really need to.

New customers and those who have deposits with us:-

  • We are so looking forward to seeing everyone back when normality returns. If you have booked with us, paid a deposit and planned to start during our period of closure, be assured, your place is secure. We will be in contact with you to arrange your full registration process and settle in days.
  • If you wish to secure a future place in any of our nurseries, we sadly can't show you our wonderful facilities for now. However, if you want to secure a place, we can confirm availability, take a deposit and arrange a viewing once we get back.


  • Susan in our accounts department is working hard to keep on top of things, she can be contacted at, but please give us time to work through your queries.
  • All Rascals landlines are now diverted to Roger's mobile, so if you have any specific queries not answered here or via Susan's email, please call me between 9-5 Monday to Friday.
  • All our nurseries have internal security systems. However, it would be so helpful if, on your one walk a day, and you live locally a quick glance round the property for any sign of damage or vandalism would be really appreciated. If you need to get in contact with me, simply phone the number on our sign and this will come directly to me.
  • These updates will now move to weekly on Friday's from now on.

We would like to thank all the parents who have phoned us over the last few days. The messages of support have been so wonderful and in turn, we wish you all good health and a safe passage through this awful time.

Roger & Lynne


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