Behavioural Therapy

Behavioural Therapy

As part of our commitment to care and education of all children at Rascals we have our very own Child Behavioural therapist, Felicity Weale.

Felicity works holistically across all of our Rascals branches supporting children and staff. She uses teaching and behaviour management strategies to promote play, social and communication skills, while reducing challenging behaviour. She also runs a group skills programme with our Pre-schoolers, focusing on abstract concepts, visual, spatial and imitation skills, language comprehension and production, and pre-classroom practice.

Felicity has received a Master of Science degree, with distinction, in Applied Behaviour Analysis from the University of Ulster, and became board certified as a Behaviour Analyst in 2014. She also holds a Bachelor's degree in Childhood Studies and Care and Education (Early Years) from Northumbria University, England.

She has worked and gained valuable experience at a variety of well established, international ABA centres and schools including the New England Centre for Children (NECC) in Boston, Treehouse ABA School in London, the Sunnyside Children's Clinic, and the Centre for Early Autism Treatment.

Felicity has a great enthusiasm for behaviour analysis and its practical application. She has a particular interest in early intensive behavioural intervention and believes the therapeutic application of behaviour analysis should be fun, rewarding and enjoyable for the children we care for.

Whilst it is not possible for her to offer 1 to 1 therapy within the nurseries, she can offer parents advice and guidance on any early childhood behavioural issues and can be contacted through your nursery manager.